Week 10 Summary

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Art 170 Thoughts & Reviews

This weeks assignment consisted of reading the articles, A Dao of Web Design (http://www.alistapart.com/articles/dao/), Planning And Implementing Website Navigation (http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/06/06/planning-and-implementing-website-navigation/#more-96551), and Ultimate Guide to Website Wireframing (http://sixrevisions.com/user-interface/website-wireframing/).In the article, A Dao of Web Design, it is noted that Daoism is a philosophy, like Buddhism, a way of living.When you are controlling web pages, you will notice that many words or phrases are being repeated. The most repeated phrase will be  “how do I?” How do I make my site more appealing? How do I control the users browser? These kinds of questions will replay in your mind over and over again because you want to make sure your site is top of the line. In the article, Planning And Implementing Website Navigation, Kayla Knight states that navigation can either be simple or be complex. Designing navigation is an art in itself, and designers become better at it with experience. Websites with a lot of content or functionality require a navigation menu. As a website grows in complexity, guiding users to that content and functionality shouldn’t be the job of any one menu. All websites must  have at least two main menus: primary and secondary. A primary navigation menu stands for the content that most users are interested in. A secondary navigation menu is for content that is of secondary interest to the user. Any content that does not serve the primary goal of the website but that users might still want would go here. The article Ultimate Guide to Website Wireframing, asks the question of ” Why you should wireframe your web designs?”  Unless the site you’re designing is incredibly minimal and simple, wireframing helps clarify exactly what needs to be on the different page types of your website. Wireframing is really the first step in the design process. Taking the time to create at least a simple wireframe, you can make sure that your designs will take into account all the different page elements that need to go into the design, and that they’re positioned in the best possible way


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