Week 8 Summary

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Art 170 Thoughts & Reviews

Each week I improve on making my banner. The only problem I am having is when it comes to animation. Other than that I think I am doing a great job and could still improve on my graphics. For our reading this week we read the article ” 10 Worst Web Site Uses of Navigation for 2010.” These sites indeed were terrible but, I think the worst website to me is number 5, George’s Township Civil Defense EMS & Fayette_County_Ambulance_Service Fayette-EMS 306, simply because the red writing on the site interferes with the pictures and background of the site making it hard to read. It is very important that the text on websites are legible and easy to read because to me that is the first aspect that would appeal to me. If I am not able to read the information on the site that would automatically make me exit the site. We also read and learned about stock photography. Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Images are filed at an agency that negotiates licensing fees on the photographer’s behalf. Most stock images are available online, and are easily browsed in huge databases. There are two primary flavors that stock photography are associated with, rights managed and royalty free. Rights managed is an individual licensing agreement negotiated for each use, with an option for exclusivity in an industry or for a period of time; price dependent on use and is often a more expensive option. Royalty free is a flavor that offers the ability to use an image in an unlimited number of ways for a single license fee, with no exclusivity; much cheaper option. This does not mean the image is FREE – it simply means there are no royalties attached. The user pays once to use the image in many ways. Most sites offer low-resolution versions of images called comps. Comps is an abbreviation for comprehensives. Comps are normally used in rough sketches or designs to show a client how a final piece may appear. Though there are several photography stock houses that offer individual licensing as well as cd’s of professional images, the main sites are www.gettyimages.com,www.comstock.com,www.fotosearch.com, and pro.corbis.com



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