Week 7 Summary

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Art 170 Thoughts & Reviews

During this weeks lesson I have definitely improved on my skills with using Adobe Fireworks. Each week my banner has had great improvement though it still could use a lot more work to make it look a little more professional. When using GIF animation there are several programs that may be used including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks. I also learned that logos should not be the dominate focus of a GIF animation, unless branding is the focus.The two most familiar web animation technologies are GIF and SWF. GIF is screen by screen animated raster images. Gif animations are low-bandwidth, low-tech ways to create animations which is also a simple format and well known standard. GIF is also popular because no additional software installation is required. SWF is animated vector animation with true interactive capabilities that is a compiled file resulting from Adobe Flash’s authoring environment. SWF is a flash animation. Flash is a rich-media application and animation file format that creates Vector images. According to the Designing Websites power point  a website should  entice, attract, and engage users. It should also encourage the user(s) to visit more than once. Images should be engaging and relevant to the user. In chapter 1 of our textbook, it discusses how the design process of a website long with the technical details of developing, hosting, and maintaining a website or application can be. However, the design process can be cut down to discovery, exploration, and implementation. the discovery part of the design process is all about meeting the clients and learning what they do.  For instance, you may ask, what does your company do?, What is your role in the company? The exploration process is to take the information you have learned and analyze, dissect  and experiment with the results. When implementing you are focusing on the design.




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