Week 3 Summary

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Art 170 Thoughts & Reviews

This week in the world of Web Design 1, I have learned not only are there two main types of file formats for the web, but there are three. I knew of the files Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and Graphic Interchange Format (GIF), but I did not know of the format titled Portable Network Graphics (PNG). When working with a JPEG file, once an image is compressed it cannot be reverted back to its original quality. Once compressed, it must stay that way. If you are trying to create an animation the best option to use would be the GIF file.PNG was designed to replace the older and simpler GIF format. A negative of the PNG is that it does not always accurately display on older browsers that are older than Internet Explorer 7, but hopefully we all have upgraded and no one is still using the dinosaur internet. According to out lecture on images, (https://angel.aacc.edu/section/default.asp?id=ART1708752012FA) GIF files are best for type, vector, flat, or hard edged images. JPG files are best for continuous tone images like photographs where blends, gradients, and hues create complicated color combinations. PNG files are best for simple web images or images that require true transparency against a background. While reading the article “Understanding Visual Hierarchy in Web Design” by, Brandon Jones, you quickly learn that visual hierarchy is one of the most important principles behind an effective web design. The author also makes it clear that design is without a doubt all about visual communication. In order for someone to be an effective designer, it is a must you clearly communicate the ideas to the audience, otherwise, their attention will be lost. If you give people a massive block of information, you can almost guarantee that no one will bother to read it because as well as myself most are visual thinkers.

Photo courtesy of https://encrypted-tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQaLUaEAUWWk3JerAMdS5bM9lAYk0Zg8QV_-Cm5T-obj12-ZU19PQ


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